SERVICES Adding value at every step

Value-added Services

As part of our dedicated service and commitment to our clients, we offer a number of complementary services to assist investors in their decision making.

Not only do we offer services prior to making an investment, we also provide value-added services to ensure investors’ experience a truly hassle-free investment.

Property Management

We partner with professional property management companies in each of the destinations we operate to ensure your investment property is as hassle free as possible, whilst ensuring your rental is completely taken care of and maintained to a high quality level.

Our partners offer investors a personalised service, providing clear communications. They are experts in their field with in depth knowledge about their local real estate market and highly experienced in dealing with all types of property and tenancy issues.

The property managers will look after your property by carrying out a complete inspection before and after each tenancy. They will ensure that any areas of the property that need attention will be taken care of.

They will source tenants who have been thoroughly screened with credit, employment, house and other references. Each and every prospective tenant will be interviewed personally to ensure only the most qualified tenant is chosen.

Inspection  Visits

Inspection Visits

As part of our open and transparent business model, we offer investors the opportunity to visit all available properties and the teams in our various offices, prior to making any investment decisions.

Inspection trips allow investors to see assets, locations and development sites first hand and to meet with local partner companies who will ensure your investment is a success. A BRIC Group representative will meet you and take you on a guided tour to visit a number of locations and property types, depending on your investment criteria.

Currency Exchange

Currency Exchange

We partner with GCEN, and Currency Direct, both leading suppliers of foreign exchange and money services. They are able to offer our investors preferential rates on a wide variety of currencies. This means clients can pay in any currency they wish to whilst mitigating as much currency exchange risk as possible, safe in the knowledge they are getting the best available exchange rate on the market.

They provide a cost effective way to save money when exchanging currency and making overseas transfers.