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Beaches in Ceará Top Holiday Destinations in Brazil

Beaches in Ceará are fast appearing on the Brazilian holiday map. Reports from one of the world’s biggest online holiday comparison portals and a Brazilian broadsheet confirm this. The sands along the coastline of Ceará have an advantage over the renowned beaches in Rio or Pernambuco – they are just as stunning but far less crowded.

Beaches in Ceará – Best places in Brazil for a honeymoon

An article published on the Kayak portal in April looks at the most romantic spots in Brazil for a honeymoon. The beaches in Ceará were highlighted, most specifically Mundau beach in Trairi, to the northeast of Fortaleza.

This quiet stretch of sand forms part of the “many stunningly beautifully and quiet beaches dotted along the Trairi coastline,” says the report. It goes on to say that Mundau is “one of the most sought-after places for honeymoons in Brazil”. The appeal of the beaches in Ceará lie in their rustic charm with fishing villages and seaside restaurants.

The Brazilian broadsheet Diário do Nordeste seconds Kayak’s opinion of beaches in this part of Ceará. The newspaper chooses Flecheiras beach, also part of the Trairi coastline just south of Mundau. “Flecheiras is one of the best places to enjoy a quiet holiday away from the hustle and bustle of the city,” says the report, published earlier this year. It also highlights the natural pools at Flecheiras, formed by the coral barriers near the shore.

Best beaches in Brazil

Kayak also reviews the 13 best beaches to visit in 2018. The portal chooses the beaches based on the criteria of having something for every holidaymaker. They are great places to relax, do adventure sports or simply take in Brazil’s wonderful natural scenery.

Beaches in Ceará take 3 out of the 13 spots. One of the most famous beaches in Brazil, Jericoacoara features high on the list with Cumbuco and Canoa Quebrada (both north of Fortaleza) making up the trio. All three offer miles of unspoilt sands, great conditions for watersports and stunning surroundings.

Fortaleza popular holiday spot.

Kayak also recently published their list of the most popular holiday destinations in Brazil, based on online searches on the portal last year. Brazil’s two largest cities – Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro – topped the list with Salvador in third place.

Fortaleza, the capital of Ceará, took fourth place in the listing confirming the city and state’s popularity among Brazilians. Foreigners too have placed Fortaleza and Ceará firmly on their radar – state authorities are expecting a 20% increase of international tourists this year. The forecast is based on the growth of flights from Fortaleza Airport this year when Air France and KLM (among other airlines) begin direct flights to Paris and Amsterdam.

(Sources: Diario do Nordeste, Kayak)

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