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Big investment in hotels in Ceará, Northeast Brazil

A rising star on the tourism scene in Northeast Brazil, Ceará is expanding its infrastructure to accommodate record visitor figures. According to O Povo broadsheet, big investment in hotels in Ceará is underway with a total of 14 new establishments on the horizon. Dotted along the state’s stunning coastline, the new hotels will offer resort-like accommodation and involve investment to the tune of R$2 billion.

Rise in Ceará tourism

The state has seen an exponential rise in tourism since Fortaleza played host to FIFA World Cup games in 2014. However, 2018 registered record figures for Ceará tourism with big increases in foreign and Brazilian visitors. Much of the rise was due to the introduction of the Air France/KLM/Gol flight hub at Fortaleza Airport. In 2018, Ceará saw a huge rise in both international and domestic flights.

Hotels in Ceará have matched the rise in tourism, offering more beds every year. According to statistics published by the state tourist board, SETUR, Ceará had a total of 99,200 hotel beds in 2018. The figure represents an increase of 51.5% on 2008.

More hotels in Ceará

To keep pace with demand, several major hotel projects are in the pipeline in the state. Some are already underway while others remain at the drawing board. But between them, the 14 new hotels in Ceará will change the face of accommodation for visitors to this part of Northeast Brazil.

O Povo cites the planned project by Globalia as one of the flagships for new hotel development in the state. The flight arm of the company, Air Europa, has already committed to a direct flight between Fortaleza and Madrid. Services should commence in May or June this year and connect the two cities twice a week. In tandem with the flights, Globalia also plans to build an all-inclusive resort hotel in Ceará. The exact location has yet to be defined, although O Povo reports that the company has looked at several plots.

Beach resort investment

Ceará boasts miles of stunning coastline that includes some of the best beaches in Brazil. Much of this coastline remains undeveloped and as such, has attracted the interest of hotel developers. 2 of the 14 new hotel resorts lie to the north of Fortaleza in the area between Lagoinha and Trairi. Construction at the Hard Rock Fortaleza hotel on the coast at Lagoinha is well underway.

Slightly further up the coast is The Coral Resort under development by the BRIC Group. The resort will include a boutique hotel whose management will be in the hands of the Brazilian hotel giant Atlantica Hotels International. The hotel itself will be part of the world-famous Radisson brand.

Hotels at Jericoacoara

Ceará claims one of the world’s most beautiful beaches – Jericoacoara in the north of the state. The airport at the small town opened to domestic flights in 2018 and has since seen a marked increase in the number of visitors. Unsurprisingly, a significant proportion of new hotels in Ceará are found here.

Grupo Bonelli is very active in this part of the state. The company recently opened a pousada hotel in Jericoacoara with just 12 rooms. Currently under construction is a much larger hotel (100 rooms) due for completion in two years’ time and with an investment of R$37 million.

(Source: O Povo)

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