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NEWS The latest real estate investment news and research

This section of the BRIC Group news covers the latest developments and news in Florida that are relevant to our investors. Here you will find articles about the economy, tourism and the property market in the Sunshine State generally. News about the economic situation cover GDP growth, median incomes and unemployment rates. Articles on tourism look at the latest visitor figures, the creation of tourism-related employment and changes in tourist tax collection. Florida property market news includes regular updates on house price rises, inventory levels and fluctuations in sales figures. This information, particularly monthly and quarterly property data, is generally sourced from Florida Realtors.

While many news articles examine the situation in the Sunshine State generally, others look at the particular metropolitan statistical areas relevant to our investment products. These include Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville and Northport, the locations for turnkey properties. Other articles cover news for Sarasota and Charlotte County, the areas nearest Englewood, home to BRIC Group Florida land investment.

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