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NEWS The latest real estate investment news and research

The US property market forms part of three of BRIC Group’s main investment products. It therefore follows that many news articles provide updates on its situation. In this section you will find news about the fundamentals behind successful property investment. These are the economy, the tourism sector and the property market.

In this section you can read articles covering the US economic situation with information about GDP growth, unemployment rates and consumer spending. You will also find news about tourism within the US plus updates on the country’s property market. BRIC Group articles source data on house prices, rates of sales and inventory levels mainly from the National Association of Realtors.

The US property news also covers the market in specific areas of the country with particular emphasis on Florida and Houston. Research sources for these states include Florida Realtors, the Houston Association of Realtors, Enterprise Florida and the Greater Houston Partnership. Articles also draw on local newspapers for additional information.

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