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Ceará in Northeast Brazil is one of the top destinations for kite surfers. Its beaches, turquoise lagoons surrounded by dunes and perfect weather conditions attract enthusiasts from all over the world to experience the wind and enjoy this amazing sport.

Ceará has Broken a New World Record

Ceará has broken the Guinness World Record by having 596 kite surfers in the clear water of the Atlantic coast at the same time over a 2 km route. The event called Festival Winds for Future, took place on Sunday 22nd September on Cumbuco Beach. Situated 33 km away from Fortaleza and approx. 1 hour from The Coral Resort. The successful attempt surpassed the old record, which was 423 people in Hayling Island, in Southern England.
Kite surfers from around the world arrived early at the beach getting ready for the challenge. First, at 01:00 p.m. the different groups received the signal to enter the sea. Secondly, at 04:00 p.m. the count was finished and as well as the verification of compliance with the Guinness World Record rules.

Proud State

Élcio Batista, Chief Secretary of the Civil House who was also part of the group, said that this event has marked the history of Ceará and Brazil. He also stated: “We are one of the most desired places for water sports in the world. Today we can say we broke the barrier of time and space. Today, together, we made Ceará and Brazil proud. We made history, which was built with a lot of empathy, innovation, technology and sustainable development. In addition, we bring together visionaries of different ages, all who want to reinvent work. We think about the positive impact of our actions and how it will benefit our state as a brand.”

The Coral Resort

The Coral located in Praia de Guajiru, in the state of Ceará, is part of the idyllic beaches of Trairi. It is in the Atlantic coast and about 90 minutes from the state capital, Fortaleza. Not only popular for the amazing conditions for the practice of kite surfing and windsurfing, international visitors who seek for paradise are discovering Guajiru describing it a superb holiday destination for Brazilians as well as international visitors.
(Source: Governo do Estado do Ceará)

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