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Ceará Tourism Enjoying “New Boom” says Brazilian Ministry of Tourism

Ceará tourism is undoubtedly experiencing its best year ever. Visitor figures have surged along with revenue from tourism. The state has increased its profile so much on the holiday destination scene that the Brazilian Minster of Tourism has declared that Ceará tourism is enjoying a “new boom”.

The Minister, Vincius Lummertz, praised the tourism sector in Ceará for its excellent figures so far this year. He said that all indicators point to a record 12 months and can be classed as a boom.

Major boost from airline hub

The creation of the Air France/KLM/Gol Airlines hub at Fortaleza Airport earlier this year is one of the main drivers behind the big hike in Ceará tourism. Between them, the three airlines along with LATAM has increased the number of domestic and international flights from Ceará. They now include new destinations such as Paris and Amsterdam as well as reinforce current services.

The results are already plain to see. According to official figures, international passengers went up by a massive 60% in July this year to reach 42,000. This is highest ever figure for Ceará. Domestic passengers also went up and totalled 396,000 in July. As a result, tourism rose by 10% year-on-year.

Lummertz reiterated the importance of the airline hub not just for Ceará but for Brazil as a whole. “National and international airlines are facilitating the arrival of tourists to different parts of Brazil,” he said.

Tourist revenue also up

Hand-in-hand with the boost in visitor figures goes the increase in tourist revenue. In July, some R$1 billion entered Ceará coffers through tourism, a rise of 14% in the year. The tourist sector is one of the fastest growing in the state as well as a major focal point for job creation.

Fortaleza favourite for September

Further reinforcing Ceará as a national holiday favourite was the choice of Fortaleza as the third most sought-after destination in September. The 7th September is a national holiday in Brazil and this year it fell on a Friday, creating a long weekend.

According to the holiday booking portal Kayak, Fortaleza ranked in third place for holidays during the long weekend. This year, it beat Salvador that ranked in fourth position and stood behind just Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Top for New Year

Ceará is also very popular among Brazilians for New Year’s celebrations. Kayak recently listed the top 12 places in Brazil to celebrate the arrival of 2019 and Fortaleza was one of them. According to the publication, Iracema beach in Fortaleza “has always been one of the best beaches and places to spend New Year’s Eve”. The spectacle of fireworks and live concerts attracts thousands of revellers from all over the country. Everything points to an equally spectacular end of the year for Ceará tourism.

(Sources: O Povo, Kayak)

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