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Fortaleza holiday lets favourite with airbnb families

The market for Fortaleza holiday lets goes from strength to strength. After record occupancy during the Carnival period, the capital of the region of Ceará now ranks as one of the world’s top holiday let destinations for families using Airbnb services. Out of the top 15 worldwide locations, Fortaleza is the only city in Latin America on the listing.

A recent Airbnb survey among families using the holiday let portal services revealed the world’s top 15 destinations. The survey also offered valuable insight into what families look for in a holiday rental property and their preferences for location.

Fortaleza holiday lets in ninth place

The survey placed two Japanese cities in its top positions. Osaka took first place with Kyoto in second. Completing the top trio was the Australian city of Melbourne. Fortaleza sits in ninth place and is the only city in Brazil in the listing. The survey also includes no other Latin American locations.

Fortaleza holiday lets turn out to be more popular than those in some of the world’s top tourist destinations. The Ceará capital stands ahead of Miami, Honolulu, Lyon, Valencia and Edinburgh, all cities with considerably more clout on the world holiday scene.

Favourite location for family holiday lets

The survey asked families to explain their location preferences. An overwhelming 75% said that they looked for beach destinations when choosing a holiday let. Ceará with some of the best beaches in Brazil ticks this box, which probably explains the popularity of Fortaleza holiday lets among Airbnb families.

“Fortaleza offers all the right things for the best family holiday,” said Alexandre Pereira, Tourism Secretary in Fortaleza in response to the survey. “I also think it’s worth highlighting that Fortaleza has achieved a world ranking, competing against cities such as Honolulu and Miami.”

Fortaleza holiday lets are enjoying a particularly good year. During the Carnival period in February, one of the busiest periods in the Brazilian holiday calendar, the city registered 84% occupancy in holiday lets. This figure included Airbnb and holiday lets advertised on other portals, and is broadly similar to the hotel occupancy in the city at the same time.

Preferred amenities at holiday lets

Airbnb also asked families to rank amenities at holiday let properties in order of preference. Wi-fi internet connection ranks at the top of must-haves with 64% of families including this on their list. A swimming pool comes next as a major consideration for nearly half of survey participants. A well-equipped kitchen is also extremely important and 40% of families said they took this into consideration when choosing a property to stay in.

Many Fortaleza holiday lets come with swimming pools as standard, particularly those at the higher end of the market. This type of property also ranks as a favourite among Brazilian holidaymakers.

Extra guests for Airbnb families

As well as the family unit made up of parents and children, Airbnb families also take others with them when they go on holiday. Just over a third of those surveyed said they regularly host the grandparents on the holiday and 20% include friends on their guest list.

This trend to go on holiday with large family groups naturally favours larger holiday lets. Those featuring bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms are particularly popular.

“This Airbnb survey firmly places Fortaleza on the holiday lets radar,” says Dies Poppeliers, Managing Director at BRIC Group. “It also highlights the importance of catering for the family market when investing in a holiday home.”

Invest in a family home for the Ceará holiday let market

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(Source: Airbnb)

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