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Gold Medal for Brazilian Tourism

In the wake of Rio 2016, Brazilian tourism has received a definitive thumbs up from both foreign and Brazilian tourists. The Olympic Games and Rio de Janeiro were praised all round and most importantly, the vast majority of visitors expressed their intention to return to Brazil for a holiday in the future.

Rio 2016 proved a highly successful sporting event and served as an exceptional window on Brazilian tourism for the 5 billion who tuned into the Olympics events round the world. And according to a survey conducted by the Ministry for Tourism, the 1.17 million who attended the Games in person were extremely pleased with the organisation and what Rio de Janeiro had to offer.

Best aspects of Rio 2016

Among the foreign tourists surveyed by the Ministry, over 83 per cent said that Brazil had fulfilled their expectations and over 87 per cent expressed their intention to return. The aspects that foreigners appreciated most about Rio de Janeiro were hospitality, nightlife and restaurants. All three categories were rated positively by well over 90 per cent of foreigners.

In terms of infrastructure, Brazilian airports received the thumbs up by nearly 95 per cent of foreigners. Security, subject to considerable controversy before the Rio Olympics, also received a very positive evaluation with approval from over 88 per cent of foreign tourists.

Bright future for Brazilian tourism

According to acting Minister for Tourism Alberto Alves, the figures show that Rio 2016 has provided a lasting legacy for Brazil. “The world is delighted with Brazilian hospitality and the beauty of our attractions,” he told a press conference after the Games.

Alves underlined the high number of international visitors who intend to return. He also emphasised the huge effort undertaken by the city of Rio de Janeiro in putting on and organising the Olympics. He highlighted the importance that Rio 2016 will have on the future of Brazilian tourism in the medium and long term.

Brazilian tourism benefits hugely from visa exemptions

The decision to waiver tourist visas for visitors to the Rio Olympics from the US, Canada, Japan and Australia proved extremely beneficial for Brazilian tourism, both in terms of visitor figures and spending. Ministry statistics show that some 53,000 people travelled to Rio 2016 from the four countries and 75 per cent of these used the visa waiver.

Importantly, over 80 per cent of those who benefitted from not having to obtain a visa said that they would return if the waiver continued. Brazilian authorities estimate that Brazil would see an increase of 20 per cent in visitor figures for these four countries resulting in an extra US$175.2 million a year in tourist spending.

Rio 2016 tourist profile

The survey carried out among international visitors to Rio 2016 also provided a profile of foreign tourists, data that will be used by the authorities to promote Brazilian tourism in the future. It revealed that the majority of nearly 500,000 Olympic visitors came from the US, accounting for 21.2 per cent of the share. In second place was Argentina with nearly 15 per cent of foreign visitors and in third, the UK whose 4.8 per cent share proves that Brazil is starting to appear on the radar for British tourists.

As far as economic statistics go, the foreigners who visited Rio de Janeiro had an average monthly income of US$3,581. They stayed for around 11 days and spent US$103.7 a day. Spending by tourists in Brazil has risen this year, specifically by 6 per cent between January and July (before the start of the Olympic Games).

Hotels rank as the preferred option among foreigners for accommodation in Brazil with over 37 per cent of the international tourists share. Holiday lets are increasing popular, however, both among foreigners and Brazilian tourists. A quarter of foreign tourists and over a fifth of Brazilians chose this option.

“The success of Rio 2016 clearly shows Brazil’s potential as a tourist destination,” said Dies Poppeliers, Managing Director of BRIC Group. “The country is gradually making a name for itself as a top holiday destination and the Olympics have been an excellent showcase for all that Brazil has to offer. This will be highlighted again during the Paralympics this September.”

An investment company specialising in global real estate opportunities, BRIC Group is currently developing The Coral resort, in Northeast Brazil, a luxury beachfront resort. BRIC Group also offers US real estate investments including turnkey properties in Florida and Houston, and land plots in Florida. BRIC Group has been creating wealth for its clients since 1996 and has offices in Brazil, Dubai (consulting office), Hungary, Spain and the US.

(Source: Brazilian Ministry of Tourism)

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