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New preferences for property in Fortaleza

Buyer preferences for property in Fortaleza are changing. With better access to the city and growing affluence, buyers are moving away from apartments to houses. The desire for space, privacy and security has led many to turn their attention away from the city centre and look outside Fortaleza for property. This BRIC Group news piece explains why.


Brazilian property buyers increasingly value space and privacy in their homes and this tendency has been particularly noted in Fortaleza, the capital of Ceará. According to the state construction union SECOVI-CE, buyers are looking for larger homes and moving away from traditional apartment living.


In Fortaleza, this type of property is found mainly in the south of the city in districts such as Agua Fria and Cidade dos Funcionarios. But improved transport communication offering easy access to Fortaleza is leading many buyers to take their search outside the city itself.


Preference for natural surroundings

SECOVI-CE has also noted the trend for property within a natural environment where families can enjoy outdoor spaces as part of their home. However, these outdoor areas must be safe and so there’s a marked preference for properties in secure complexes. Brazilians also value complexes with communal facilities such as swimming pools, children’s playparks and fitness areas.


“We’re seeing a strong link between leisure facilities in harmony with nature and gardens, all within the same environment,” said Robson Bizarria, vice-president of Sindimóveis, the association of real estate in Ceará.


Houses over apartments

These findings are backed by a survey carried out in October last year by one of the largest online Brazilian property portals. The survey found an overwhelming preference for houses over apartments. 66 per cent of people searching for property in Ceará were looking for houses rather than apartments.


Within the search criteria, larger houses were the most sought-after. Three bedrooms were the preferred option with 65 per cent of online searches for this type of property. These figures confirm the SECOVI-CE observations and would seem to mark a change in the Fortaleza property market.


“As the Brazilian middle class becomes more affluent, it’s inevitable that property buyers will be demanding larger homes with better facilities,” comments Dies Poppeliers, Managing Director of BRIC Group. “This in tandem with the much improved road network within Ceará makes property development in areas outside Fortaleza very attractive to the Brazilian buyers looking for a quality home in a quality environment for their family.”


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Sources: SECOVI-CE, Imovelweb

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