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Northeast Brazil Holiday Lets Take Off

Brazilian holiday lets are on the rise, particularly in regions offering stunning beaches and year-round dependable weather. One such location in Ceará in northeast Brazil where holiday rentals increased by 20 per cent in 2014.


According to the Brazilian holiday let portal Alugue Temporada, the number of rentals in Ceará rose by 20 per cent last year. This makes Ceará the second fastest growing state in the country, behind just Pernambuco. Holiday lets in Ceará in 2015 have also made a promising start with 815 properties advertised in January on the portal catering for a total of 2,300 people.


Within Ceará, the most sought-after areas for holiday lets in 2014 were Fortaleza, Aquiraz, Cumbuco, Beberibe and Canoa Quebrada. The most popular districts in Fortaleza itself were Meireles, Porto das Dunas and Praia de Iracema. The number of holiday rental properties in Fortaleza reached 564 in January this year.


All these destinations have one common denominator – their stunning beaches. This must-have at the top of all Brazilians’ holiday lists is closely followed by good weather. Alugue Temporada points out that Ceará combines these two requirements to perfection with its spectacular coastline and year-round warm sunshine.


According to Aluguer Temporada, Brazilians who prefer holiday lets are mostly aged between 25 and 44, and almost all of them travel with friends and family. They tend to be groups comprised of four adults and at least one child. The length of holiday lets ranges from just a few days to a whole month.


The Brazilian holiday let market is very young, but according to the portal, Brazilians are increasingly seeing the benefits of holiday rentals over hotels. More and more holidaymakers are taking advantage of the fact that holiday lets offer more space, cater for more people and are generally cheaper than a hotel.


This means the market for buy-to-let properties in Brazil has enormous room for growth, particularly in areas like Ceará (the state is already the Brazilians’ favourite holiday destination). Outside the capital Fortaleza, the number of holiday properties in many areas is currently low, especially along the more unspoilt coastline to the north. Demand for holiday rentals here can only increase as more Brazilians choose a self-catering holiday over a hotel stay.


Source: Diário do Nordeste

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