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Northeast Brazil Remains Big Holiday Favourite

A recent survey confirms that Brazilians are travelling more than ever. The same survey also highlighted Northeast Brazil’s status as the nation’s favourite holiday destination. With tourist spending at historic highs, Brazilian tourism looks set for the best year ever.


The monthly holiday survey for August found that nearly 30 per cent of Brazilians intend to take a holiday before the end of 2014, the highest figure so far this year. The survey was carried out in seven of Brazil’s largest cities, which represent between them 70 per cent of the domestic tourism market.


The majority will be travelling by plane and nearly three quarters of those interviewed said they would be travelling within Brazil. Their preferred region was the northeast with over 48 per cent pinpointing this part of Brazil as their chosen holiday destination. In second place (but with just over 21 per cent) was the south.


Brazilian tourism is bigger business than ever this year. Along with an increase in visitor figures (2014 is set to be a record year), tourism expenditure is also rising. During the second quarter, tourist spending was the highest for six years and up over 20 per cent on 2013. An industry survey found that many companies within the tourism sector had expansion plans for the remainder of 2014, particularly those in the hospitality and tourist attractions sectors.


Spending by foreigners has been particularly high in Brazil this year. Figures for June and July point to a total of US$1.58 billion, a massive 59.7 per cent more than the same two months in 2013. The high figures for these two months are no coincidence since the FIFA World Cup tournament took place at this time. However, spending by foreign tourists outside the World Cup dates has also increased. Expenditure reached US$4.44 billion between January and July, over 10 per cent more than the same period last year.


Surveys carried out among foreign visitors found high levels of satisfaction with Brazil’s hospitality, security and tourist attractions. Furthermore, 95 per cent of foreigners interviewed expressed the firm intention to return to Brazil in the near future. Tourism figures so far this year undoubtedly confirm 2014 as the year Brazilian tourism firmly makes its mark on the world tourist map with Northeast Brazil a favourite destination.


Source: Ministério do Turismo (Brazil’s Ministry of Tourism)

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