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Brazil has more than 4,000 airports – more than any other country except for the US. But Ceará is registering very positive numbers in passenger traffic in airports such as Fortaleza Airport.

Tourism growth

Tourism growth in Ceará is surprising. From January to May in 2019, there has been a raise of 12,2% in landings and departures in Fortaleza Airport. More international tourists are flying to the capital of Ceará, to explore the stunning places that Ceará offers.

Passenger traffic numbers

The data released on Friday (14) by the German group Fraport AG shows a rise on passenger traffic. Traffic at Fortaleza International Airport has increased by 20.2% from January to May this year compared to last year. According to the report, in the accumulated of the year, the flow in the Airport was of 2.9 million people. The number in the same period of 2018 was 2.4 million. The two Brazilian airports of Fortaleza and Porto Alegre recorded a number of combined traffic of over 1.1 million passengers.
“This increase is due to international flights that have increased. We now have seven flights per week from Air France-KLM. Also, the companies have absorbed some Avianca flights, which increases the occupation and the movement has not yet surpassed Avianca’s exit “, explains Igor Pires, aeronautical engineer.
With the new construction on the passenger terminal, the governor Camilo Santana states that: “The equipment makes it the best airport in the North and Northeast of Brazil”.

Infrastructure and changes

As passenger traffic increases, infrastructure and technology have to improve. Regarding the new check-in area, 50% will be offered more capacity for passengers. Also, more modern structure (40 inputs for domestic flights and 20 for international flights). This implies better lighting, more developed technology, with automated mats and access dedicated exclusively to the provision of the specific service. This area will be located in the ground floor of the separate airport of departure and arrival areas.
In terms of the goods carried by aircrafts, there has also been a rise. The volume of cargo transported in May increased 7% in comparison with the same month of 2018, with 3,945 tons.

Positive forecast

Ceará is constantly progressing and improving important aspects such as tourism and infrastructure. The government seems to be positive about the future numbers on tourism, especially after last Friday (21) as Camilo Santana agreed in Madrid, Spain, to the realisation of two direct flights a week between Ceará and the Spanish capital. The flights will be conducted by the company Air Europa.
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(Source: G1 Ceará)

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