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At BRIC our maxim is to make investments as straight forward and as hassle-free as possible. To this end we provide a comprehensive range of services designed to facilitate and complement your investment.

Portfolio Consultant


We assign you a personal Portfolio Consultant to provide advice and guidance at every stage of the investment. From your first conversation, when as a team you and your Portfolio Consultant determine which investment(s) matches your requirements, throughout the investment period until you receive freehold title to the investment property. After your purchase, they can assist you with future resale and exit from your investment. Your Portfolio Consultant is on hand. Always.

Ongoing Updates


Whatever your preferred investment type, BRIC Group provides investors with ongoing updates. These may take the form of personalised reports – for example, an annual account of income from a buy-to-let property in Florida – quarterly updates on the progress at a development such as The Coral in Northeast Brazil or regular updates on the market in question. Our aim is to keep our investors fully up-to-date both with their investment and the appropriate market. Always.

Assistance with administration


To a lesser or greater extent, property investment inevitably involves administrative procedures. These include obtaining a non-resident tax number, applying for a visa or opening a bank account. Our teams on the ground are on hand to provide assistance and advice with these. Always.

In-house compliance


Our dedicated in-house compliance offers assistance and guidance throughout the purchase process, helping our investors at all stages of the purchase, particularly in the compilation of the correct paperwork. Our in-house compliance is on hand. Always.

Property Management


At BRIC Group we are well aware that you can only sit back and relax with an armchair investment when you know that all aspects of the property management are taken care of. We partner with the best professional management companies in the area who are experts with in-depth knowledge of local rental markets and highly experienced in dealing with all types of property and tenancy matters. They provide a personalised service, providing clear communications to you the investor. Always.

Inspection Visits


As part of our open and transparent business model, we offer investors the opportunity to visit properties and our team in your chosen investment location before making an investment decision. These inspection trips allow you to see assets, locations and development sites first hand and to meet with local partner companies who will ensure your investment is a success. A BRIC Group representative will accompany you throughout the trip and be on hand to answer all your queries. Always

Trusted Partners


In each of our investments, BRIC Group has partnered with specialist companies, chosen for their tried and tested expertise in their niche industry. This ensures that our high quality standards are reached and maintained. Always.

Currency Partners


To ensure our investors receive the maximum value for money when exchanging currency, BRIC Group has partnered with two leading suppliers of foreign exchange and money services: GCEN and Currency Direct. They both offer preferential rates in a wide range of currencies so that you can pay in your chosen currency, mitigate currency exchange risk as far as possible and get the best available rate on the market. Always.