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When looking at international property investment, connections to the destination are vital. Direct flights from key tourist markets are particularly important. Northeast Brazil enjoys an excellent network of communication with wide availability of domestic and international flights to Fortaleza. This factor facilitates travel to the area and enhances property investment potential.

Direct international flights to Fortaleza from Europe

Over the last few years, Fortaleza Airport has grown in capacity and choice of flights. In April 2020, a total of six companies offered direct connections with international destinations to this corner of Northeast Brazil. Travellers from Europe and the US have the opportunity to enjoy the attractions in Fortaleza and Ceará via just one flight.
Flights to Fortaleza from Europe include the veteran service offered by TAP Portugal from Lisbon. This is the shortest European flight from Brazil with a journey time of around 10 hours. The Lisbon connection also allows travellers to access the network of flights to other European capitals such as London, Berlin and Rome.
The Air France-KLM alliance has flights between Fortaleza and Amsterdam or Paris, with three flights a week. Both Charles de Gaulle and Schiphol Airports are major flight hubs so passengers from Fortaleza can easily access other European and Asian destinations. The Madrid-Fortaleza connection, run by Air Europa, is the newest addition to international flights to Fortaleza with a twice-weekly service. All these services make it easier for European tourists to enjoy holidays in Northeast Brazil. This in turn increases holiday let returns for investors.

Direct international flights to Fortaleza from the US

American tourists are increasingly including Northeast Brazil on their holiday radar. Since 2019, they have enjoyed visa-free travel and as a result,  there has been a sharp rise in the number of US travellers to Ceará.
Most choose to travel via direct flights from Miami or Orlando in Florida. Two Brazilian airlines, Gol Linhas and Latam, operate the connections and in the case of Gol Linhas, they run on a daily basis. Since Gol Linhas forms part of the American Airlines partnership, American tourists have access to numerous connecting flights to other American cities.

Domestic flights to Fortaleza

While international tourism in Ceará has been steadily increasing over the last few years, the area’s main market lies with Brazilian holidaymakers. In national surveys, Northeast Brazil consistently ranks at the top of the nation’s favourite holiday destinations. As a result, Brazilians make up the vast majority of tourists in this part of Brazil.
To cater for this market, Fortaleza Airport has direct flights to the main Brazilian markets. In total, the capital of Ceará is connected by air with 26 states and 19 major cities in the country. They include Sao Paulo (Northeast Brazil’s most important source of tourism), Brasilia, Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro.
Three airlines, Azul, Gol and Latam, offer flights and connections to the largest cities fly several times daily. In high season – Carnival, the summer period and New Year – flight frequency increases in response to demand.

Beach property investment potential

Regular flights allow Brazilian tourists easy access to their favourite holiday destination and holiday lets available there. This in turn enhances the potential for property investment, particularly for apartments and villas located in prime coastal spots. Beachfront resorts in Ceará are in high demand from affluent Brazilians based in Sao Paulo and Brasilia.
The Coral is one such resort, located on miles of pristine sands at Praia Guajiru near Trairi, to the north of Fortaleza Airport. The resort offers a selection of property investment options, all designed to appeal directly to the important Brazilian holiday market. Investors have the choice of buying a plot, villa or apartment on the resort where the Beach Club opened in February.
The Coral lies just 90 minutes from Fortaleza Airport, allowing easy access from domestic and international flights to Fortaleza. The villa holiday lets at the resort are already proving popular with both Brazilian and international holidaymakers. As Fortaleza expands its offering of flights, this appeal will grow as more and more tourists place The Coral on their vacation map.
(Source: Fortaleza Airport)

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