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Gustavo Montezano, president of Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social, stated at the Brazil 2019 Investment Forum, that Brazil is at the lowest historical level of interest rate. The current interest rate in Brazil is just 2%, showing the potential of Brazil for investment.

Gustavo Montezano

He added: “Brazil is a great option today. The lowest interest rate in history and a sustainable GDP growth, gives us a scenario that we have never seen before in the macroeconomic field,”
Within the microeconomic field Gustavo Montezano, the president of BNDES, stated that the reforms implemented this year in the country such as social security, tax, labour and administrative reforms make 2019 the perfect time for new entrants and new investments.
The president also focused on the importance of the effects of the ‘Lava Jato’ task force. It drastically improved the government. “Whether in the public or private scenario, we have never seen such a good governance scenario,” he said.

Northeast Brazil investment destination

Northeast Brazil is an established property market for domestic buyers and an emerging market for international investors. Brazilians choose the northeast as their favourite holiday and second home destination due to the ideal climate, its affordability and the investment potential of owning property in the area. Strong demand comes from Brazil’s wealthy middle and upper classes. There is a clear opportunity to earn from residential real estate and tourist resorts by investing in Northeast Brazil.

The Coral Resort

The Coral is a multi-award-winning resort recognized for its excellence. The resort is located in one of the most beautiful natural environments in the world, The Coral is a luxury beach resort currently under construction in Ceará, Northeast Brazil.
There are different investment options in The Coral. Plots which prices start from just US$40,500. Also, The Coral offers 7 villa designs available in our Brazilian and award-winning Modern and Rustic collections. The last option is an investment in a fully furnished 1-bedroom duplex loft apartment with private garden.
(Source: Diário do Nordeste)

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