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Brazil stopped tourist visa requirement for United States, Canada, Japan and Australia visitors that travel to Brazil. They are aiming to do the same with India and China to keep boosting tourism. The state of Ceará is also experiencing a tourism boost where The Coral is located.

U.S. travel to Brazil increases:

The increase of U.S. visitors to Brazil has increased by 39% since Jair Bolsonaro removed a visa requirement for U.S. citizens in June, according to its official tourism agency.
Brazilian Tourist Board’s president, Gilson Machado stated in a Reuters interview: “We want to focus on ecotourism and our vast natural resources, from the Amazon rainforest to the Pantanal wetlands.” Also, Machado said he negotiated with U.S. airlines adding direct flights to more cities in Brazil.
With an annual budget that was increased by Bolsonaro to $120 million from just $8 million, Embratur will launch a publicity campaign to sell Brazil as a new country emphasizing all good aspects such as landscapes, culture and idyllic beaches.
Machado will also work on developing a “Brazilian Cancun” in Angra dos Reis. This is a bay near Rio de Janeiro dotted with more than 300 islands and hundreds of pristine beaches.

Northeast idyllic beach:

One of the most spectacular beaches in Ceará is Guajiru Beach, or Praia de Guajiru which is on the coast of Trairi. This place brings together all the wild beauty of the region. Despite being so close to one of the best-known beaches in the world, Jericoacoara, it is an almost unexplored destination by tourists which makes it even more peaceful and special.
The Coral is located in Praia de Guajiru, in the state of Ceará. Part of the idyllic beaches in Trairi on the Atlantic coast and about 90 minutes from the state capital, Fortaleza. The Coral is a multi-award-winning resort recognised for its excellence. There are many different real estate investment opportunities at The Coral.
(Source: Reuters)

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