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The Facts About Brazil

Brazil has had its fair share of negative news this year. But when it comes to savvy investment you need to ignore the media noise and look at the real facts about Brazil. The new Brazil Factsheet from the BRIC Group helps you do just that. This latest publication sets out the facts behind investment in Brazil this year and presents some very good news that you probably didn’t know about.


Best performance in the world

Institutional and private fund investors have been following the Brazilian stock exchange with big interest this year.


The returns available on the BOVESPA rose by a third in the first three months of this year. This impressive increase that translated into equally impressive returns for investors made Brazilian stocks and shares the best performers in the world. The Brazilian currency too has had a good year so far – in June, Bloomberg reported that it outperformed all others in the first five months of the year. And that’s a fact.


Confidence in investment in Brazil

Far from being dissuaded by the bad news in the media, investment has poured into Brazil this year. The steady upward trend in the stock exchange and big confidence in Brazil’s underlying fundamentals – giant consumer market, vast natural resources, booming tourism… – have attracted plenty of foreign investment to Brazil.


The levels have been so high that foreign direct investment in Brazil (FDI) in Q1 this year went up by 30 per cent in annual terms. In their latest report on Brazil (June this year), the IMF said that “Brazil’s amazing resilience in attracting FDI bodes well for its recovery”. And that’s another fact.


Examples of FDI in Brazil this year

Examples of foreign companies investing in Brazil this year include some big names. Santander bank, the tenth largest in the world, recently invested R$1.1 billion in a database in Brazil. Jaguar Land Rover whose manufacturing has always been limited to the UK have just opened in Brazil their first factory outside the UK.


In addition, the Chinese who count as some of the biggest investors internationally, have earmarked Brazil for the greatest level of investment in Latin America this year. No wonder the Financial Times talked about “undimmed appetite” for Brazil in May this year.


Outside the fields of funds and FDI, there’s also plenty going on in Brazil. The market for luxury properties in certain parts of the country has soared, for example. And not just in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Fortaleza in Northeast Brazil has seen demand for high-end homes rise by over 90 per cent. And that too is a fact.


Get your facts about Brazil

BRIC Group has just released a free factsheet about Brazil. Rigorously researched, this free information resource contains all the facts about Brazil that you need to know to make a savvy investment decision. The Brazil Factsheet is up-to-date with the latest facts and figures available from bona fide sources such as the IMF, FT and the Brazilian Central Bank.


To ensure you have the facts about Brazil, download your free copy here.


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